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5 Tips to Value Your Property


Once home owners make the decision to sell their property, they intend to get the best prices and complete the process within a short period. This can only be possible if the property is in the best condition and looks very attractive. The following are top 5 tips to help value your property.

(1) Repair the external walls and apply a new coat of paint

When a buyer comes to view a potential property, the first thing that catches eyes is its exterior walls. Therefore, it is prudent to make sure that it is in great condition. If a house looks dilapidated or ugly, chances are that the client will make a decision not to buy immediately.

A flesh coat of paint will work magic. It will make the house look fresh, modern, and more appealing to visitors. Painting clears minor marks, dents, and small cracks that may turn down a potential client. Remember to keep the paint light in order to make the house look larger and leave the client figuring how to utilize the space.

Make sure to also examine the walls closely for signs of damage and fix them. If the house is made of weatherboard, some panels might be damaged and need replacement. For people selling brick homes, check for small gaps that develop between the blocks and fill them using mortar. These minor improvements will make your house look new without necessarily going for major repairs.

(2) Upgrade the doors and windows

When buyers set out looking for good houses, they are particularly emphatic on parts that make them and their properties secure. If the house door looks brittle and unattractive, many clients will start figuring how to replace them immediately after moving in. They will, therefore, use this as a strong point in their negotiation to have the price revised downwards.

Consider upgrading the door by replacing the main parts such as hinges and locking mechanism. Also, have it rebalanced and apply a new coat of paint to give it an attractive and stylish outlook. Every buyer will want to feel secure especially when sleeping at night and will prefer a door that is difficult to break in. Extend the same repairs and painting to windows in order to make the entire house look complete.

(3) Revamp the landscape and outdoor lighting

An attractive yard in any home brings a sense of style and satisfaction to the owner. In the same way, a well landscaped home will be used by a buyer to assess the amount of extra space available and sense of style that the new property will bring in his/her life. If the landscape is poorly kept, it is considered to be an indicator of neglect for the entire property.

• Clear all dead plants and replace them with green ones weeks before buyers can start viewing the house. If you have a shorter period, consider using potted plants.
• Trim the lawns to get an even natural outlook. A natural outlook is important because even the most stylish buyers want to have connection with nature.
• Cover any holes, clear debris, and align the paving. It is also prudent to clean paving rails for a sense of continuity from one point to another especially if the lawn is large.

(4) Upgrade the kitchen

One of the critical communal sections in a house is the kitchen. It is more valuable/sq meter and could make the difference especially when a buyer has several options. The buyer wants to get a functional unit that has lovely taps, bench-tops, and cupboards. Because the objective is making the house more valuable without incurring a lot of costs, consider the following;

• Reface the kitchen cabinetry to make it more appealing and workable
• De-clutter the kitchen surfaces and only leave one of two items. For example, only leave a bowl of fruits or a bottle of wine.
• Upgrade the plumbing fixtures. Though this may raise the cost significantly, you can use it as a strong point during negotiations.

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(5) Bathroom and toilet repairs

Just like the kitchen, home buyers are very particular about bathrooms and toilets. Though you do not need to go buying and installing the latest stylish tubs, and cabinetry, it is prudent to make sure that they are standard and working. Consider relooking at the faucets and replace them if they are damaged. Then, clean the exhausts, fans, and ensure to replace various chips in the bathtub so that they look as good as new. Finally, it is worth replacing the old lights with new energy efficient types.


To get the best from your house on sale, it is critical to ensure that everything looks attractive and is working perfectly. This will not only help you put a higher price for the house, but raise its attractiveness so that buyers can make up their minds faster. If you follow the outlined steps, you will find it easier to sell the house whether on your own or using an agent.

UK Home Market

Best Prices for Properties in UK


Planning to buy property in the UK? Well, it is important to know about the prices of various properties and prevailing factors that may affect them. While the period between 2012 and 2015 was rather rosy for the property market in the UK, the uncertainties of 2016 and Brexit threw the market into turmoil. The prices have taken a dive and are poised to shift even further downwards because of the current uncertainties.

The price of homes within London commuter line and other top cities is very high and taxes are equally higher. In other areas, the prices of properties are relatively low and owners are not required to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax. This has made cost and rent of property in top cities like London commuter line to be very high. The following are the best prices for properties in various places in the UK for buyers to select what is ideal for them.

(1) Birmingham:

Birmingham, the second most populous city after London, attracts a lot of interest from buyers. This demand has kept the prices of property stable over the last two years. A 3-bedroom house price in Birmingham districts ranged between £90,000 and £100,000. However, there is a great risk of prices taking a serious a downward shift after the UK voted to leave EU in the recent referendum.

(2) Rhondda, Glamorgan:

For those interested in getting property in Welsh Rhondda Valley, this is a region of unique charm and beauty. A 3-bedroom terraced home is going for less than £40,000. In sections like and Maerdy, Tonypandy and Ferndale, the price ranges from £45,000 to £55,000. Properties in the area have demonstrated a steady rise over the last 4 years. However, within the first six months of 2016, prices have stagnated because of the looming uncertainties such as the recent Brexit referendum.

(3) Liverpool:

Liverpool is famed for its artistic heritage and being the home place of the Beatles and Cilla Black. Here, there is ample supply of affordable 3-bedroom houses as well as other properties. The cheapest 3-bedroom unit is priced at £39,000 while others in areas like Liverpool, Netherton and Bootle go up to £55,000. In Liverpool, shared ownership has become a preference to many as people join hands to split costs. With shared ownership, house developers are offering huge discounts of up to 25%.

(4) Stoke:

to 17th century. As more opportunities especially in tourism keep emerging, the price of properties has kept going up. In areas like Newcastle-Under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent, the cost of a 3-bedroom house is offered at a price range of £55,000 to £60,000. However, a semi-detached home will go for a slightly higher price of £70,000. The prices rose steadily in 2015 and slowed down within the first 6 months of 2016.

(5) Leeds, West Yorkshire:

Leeds is the 3rd largest city in the UK with great relevance in Industrial Revolution. With this rich history, it is still one of the most sought after places by home buyers. In Harehills and Bramley, properties are available at a cost of £70,000 to £80,000. In the neighboring Wakefield and Pontefract, the prices are a little higher at around £85,000.

(6) Newcastle-upon-Tyne:

A 3-bedroom unit in Benwell is priced at £60,000 while other neighboring areas such as Byker and Newbiggin are costlier at £65,000. Other properties such as smart semi-detached properties in the same area sold at £90,000. On the upper end in areas like Westerhope and Fenham, a spacious detached home goes for £210,000. Note that Newcastle-upon-Tyne is no longer an industrial town the way it used to be in the past. Today, it is a busy town with enthralling urban life.

(7) Hull:

The historic hull is known for magnificent stories centering on its theatrical history. This and recent modern urban developments have made the region one of the most sought after places to buy property, live or rent space. A 3-bedroom house within a 10 mile distance from Hull City goes for £55,000 to £75,000. However, a more spacious house with lovely gardens in the same area will go for £249,000. Notably, unlike other areas, the cost of property in Hull has remained relatively stable between 2015 and through the first 6 months of 2016.

(8) Hastings and Bexhill:

This beach city region has become an important property area for speculation and determination of property rates throughout UK. The prices are more affordable when compared with other wealthier areas to the West. Here, a 3-bedroom house will go £125,000 to £185,000. However, this price has been changing over time depending on the prevailing market conditions.


The cost of property you want to buy in the UK is dependent on its type and location. The best prices are those of properties located away from the major cities because owners are not charged Stamp Duty Land Tax. Check on the outlined prices and select the property of choice in your area of preference.

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